Effective Tactics for Generating and Nurturing Leads to Create Demand

According to 47% and 46% of marketing influencers respectively, social media marketing and email marketing are effective tactics for achieving the top lead generation priorities. Content or video marketing (39%) and SEO (38%) are the also effective tactics. Creating demand in a digital world requires a combination of effective strategies to both generate and nurture leads, with the goal of … Read More

The Importance of Measuring Marketing Attribution

Management and marketers want to know what impact marketing has on sales revenue. That’s why 81% of marketing influencers describe measuring marketing attribution as very important. Measuring and attributing the results of marketing efforts to revenue has become a primary goal for many companies. But what strategies and tactics are savvy companies using to measure marketing attribution? Click here to … Read More

Effective Tactics Used for Marketing Optimization

Mapping the customer experience and utilizing personalized/dynamic content are considered effective tactics for optimizing marketing automation by 53% and 51% of marketing influencers respectively. Marketing automation is “very important” to the overall performance of marketing, according to 94% of the best-in- class marketers participating in a recent Ascend2 survey. But how do you optimize marketing automation to continually increase performance? … Read More

Top Priorities of a Search and Social Advertising Strategy

Search and Social Advertising Strategy priorities

Failing to plan is planning to fail. That’s why “developing a more effective strategy” to integrate search and social advertising practices is a top priority for 59% of marketing influencers. “Increasing search and social ad conversions” is also a top priority for half (50%) of respondents. Integrating the “pull” of paid search with the “push” of social media ads is … Read More

Tactical Effectiveness of Email Marketing Engagement

email marketing tactical effectiveness chart

Single-topic email campaigns are a most effective tactic for improving email engagement for 46% of marketing influencers. By focusing the subject line, content, etc. on a single-topic, marketers are able to capture and keep the attention of those subscribers interested in that topic. Email marketing performance is driven by subscriber engagement. The more engaged a prospect or customer is, the … Read More

Challenges for a Marketing Data & Technology Strategy

Marketing data technology strategy challenges

Integrating data across more technologies is a most challenging barrier to success for 44% of marketing influencers. If an organization is unable to generate reliable and relevant data (a challenging barrier for 41%), integrating the unreliable data is not desirable. One of the factors most critical to marketing success is the data used to fuel your systems. The impact of … Read More

Top Priorities for an Account-Based Marketing Strategy

account based marketing top priorities

While aligning sales and marketing initiatives is a top priority for half (50%) of marketing influencers, they also want credit where credit is due. For this reason, 41% consider attributing marketing efforts to revenue another top priority for ABM. Half of marketing influencers consider aligning their initiatives with sales teams a top priority for an ABM strategy in 2018. But … Read More