2020 research roundup

Notable Research to Apply to Your 2021 Marketing Strategy

A list of research highlights from 2020 that you can use to up your marketing game in the year ahead…

Over half of marketers agree… When a marketing technology is a pleasure to use, the result is faster adoption by the team. The more the tool is used, the more efficient it will be. MarTech Stack Optimization – February 2020

Why are marketers struggling with lead conversion? Our friends at Verse uncovered the “Lead Conversion Gap” with data from The State of Lead Conversion in Marketing and Sales.

Quality over quantity… The vast majority of marketers have 5 or fewer journey maps. Start small, and work your way to developing more maps according to outcomes you’d like to achieve. Customer Journey Mapping – September 2020

A huge missed opportunity for marketers… Only 16% of marketers report using their research to improve SEO and increase backlinks. Original Research for Marketing – A2 Pulse Research – August 2020

Let’s get real-time… Research from Perfect Audience reveals how small and mid-size businesses are using programmatic advertising.

How do you measure up? 40% of B2B Marketers Believe Their Company Could Do Better at Measuring Performance and Impact.

This video excerpt from Ansira’s Edge of the CX virtual event gets into the role of customer journeys in driving CX for the enterprise.

And about hiring an agency… Brand marketers say creativity and responsiveness are the most valued attributes when it comes to agencies.