How Interactive Content Helps Increase Brand Awareness


Guest post contributed by: Donald Fomby

One of the most frequent mistakes encountered by marketing specialists who are dealing with analytical and promotional work is the lack of brand awareness.

It might sound like a minor factor until you will see that your media campaign that has generated high traffic did not convert to numerous sales. Therefore, increasing one’s brand awareness always includes engagement, retention of your data, and conversion, which means that it requires interactive content to start with. Your brand must be recognizable and inspiring to a certain point to push your customers to explore and make a purchase.

Ascend2 research show that thought leadership content is excellent when trying to build brand awareness.

What does thought leadership content do most effectively?

In a certain sense, it is like creating your resume profile or a social media page where you list all the information that might keep people interested. You also start thinking about those elements that help you to stand out from the rest, which is exactly the same way you should act with the brand awareness aspect. For example, you can even use LinkedIn to create your personal brand as you provide certain services with the help of interactive content. It only proves that it can be done in any environment. The trick is to choose something that will be relevant and will not be in the way of the normal interaction that your target audience members may have.

How Interactive Content Helps Increase Brand Awareness

Before you start with the installation of various AI-powered elements to your webpage or a blog, take time to learn about several aspects that must be considered as you develop your brand strategy:

Learn More About Your Target Audience

Before you start with any interactive content, you must understand your target audience and evaluate what might connect with the people. Your content should not be limited or biased. For example, original research works well because the data is not biased and it can tell a compelling story to your target audience. Your content should not tell about what is good or bad but inspire people to explore and shape their opinion. Consider such facts as location, demographics, current online tendencies, and your experience as you determine what might be interactive in your case.

The Audience Data Trick

It is vital to see how your audience data performs. You can start with Google Analytics or Google Search Console in terms of free solutions. It will help to collect data metrics and see what type of content has generated the most traffic. It will also show you how to optimize your objectives for marketing.

Keeping Your Content Unique

You have to use inbound marketing material to take advantage of those people who are already interested in your products or/and services. Provide original research, case studies, guides, videos, various how-to contents, infographics, and informational pages that will make people inspired to continue with their journey and at least try some things out.

What are the best formats used for thought leadership content?

Adding Social Media

Do not ignore the importance of social media in relation to interactive content marketing as people also search for images, Youtube videos, social media posts, and so on. The most important is to keep your content and descriptions unique by wording them correctly. Consider checking online writing services to see how professional writing help can keep you avoid grammar mistakes and make your interactive content clear. This point is quite important as it will also help SEO specialists to save time as they do not correct all the odd sentences. By doing so, you will also save significant funds as your content will be ranged in a better way.

Of course, you may also approach several other methods like interactive graphic design and animation, yet this approach must be used with great care without making your target customers leave the page. While there are many efficient marketing tricks to grow your business, when something gets in the way or makes it difficult to browse on mobile devices, it is never good.

The Types of Interactive Content

Since it is impossible to avoid innovation when dealing with marketing in 2021, some of the interactive solutions to consider include:

  • Chatbot Installation. These can be pre-programmed to match your visitors (website, social media, or any other platform) with relevant specialists in your company and never get a chance to miss a client.
  • Quiz Method. One of the popular ways to approach your marketing strategy and increase brand awareness is by addressing your retention. What it means in practice is that you can use various quizzes to keep your clients inspired or to train your new employees in terms of various scenarios.
  • Incorporate Social Media. Think about spicing up your page with various social media references and the elements that will help you to connect the best of both worlds. Remember that you should keep things clear, grammatically correct, and accessible.
  • Only Friendly Advertising. Remember to deliver your interactive content without making it look forced. Avoid those huge popup windows and make your brand messages aimed at all people, not the several clients who might be interested in expensive and premium features. At the same time, use various web-design elements to customize your call-to-action for various product sections.

By following these simple rules, you will be able to make your brand more recognizable and will add interaction to your marketing strategy.

Do not forget to add some information about your values and the brand history. It may sound insignificant to you, yet the majority of modern customers like to hear and see a personal connection from you. Most importantly, do not keep your marketing in a static form. Listen to others, keep your mind open, and remember that true interaction always stands for innovation and flexibility!


Donald Fomby is an educator, business advisor, and distance learning specialist. Providing academic help like term paper writing service reviews, he assists in numerous academic subjects. Donald also focuses on sharing useful knowledge for small and medium-sized businesses on how to manage their web presence and content marketing strategies.