How To Get Press Coverage Using Original Research [Video]

get media coverage using original research

Media engagement can be tough if you don’t have something of interest to report on. Original research stands out to many audiences of people consuming content online… and media outlets tend to recognize that.  That’s why you can usually count on some coverage of original research from the press.  PR Works There is a reason why public relations companies exist. Having your brand appear in … Read More

Using Research to Create Infographics [Video]

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A well-designed infographic of your original research is an excellent way to share your research with the community and increase engagement.  If you think infographic’s moment in the sun has passed… Research shows that you might be wrong! According to a study we did earlier this year, over 1/3 of marketers consider infographics to be a most trusted type of … Read More

How Digital Marketers Can Take Advantage of VPNs

How Digital Marketers Can Take Advantage of VPNs feature

Guest post contributed by: Alex MitchellMarketing Manager @ VPNpro.comTeam of online security & privacy professionals Getting noticed online has arguably become more difficult than ever. For that reason, it’s important for digital marketers to continually adapt in order to gain an advantage over the competition. With the internet underpinning everything that you do, you as a digital marketer have the important … Read More

How to Use Research to Write a Guest Blog Post [Video]

We all know that keeping a regular cadence of content up on your blog can lead to big wins. But have you tried guest blogging? Why guest blog? Guest blogging is an extremely effective way to expose your content to a new and relevant audience. Not to mention the boost it gives to your SEO through backlinks, all while establishing … Read More

Using Research Content for Your Webinar [Video]

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Webinars are an amazing (and relatively inexpensive) way to connect with a super targeted audience who are generally ready to engage with your brand.  Webinars, like all things, take time to master. But practice makes perfect right? That means, you need ideas for content! You want your webinar topic to: Entice your target audience to attend Provide a good foundation … Read More

Create Compelling Content: Use Research in Podcasts [Video]

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According to most recent research, over 50% of Americans have listened to a podcast. What’s even more notable, is that of those people, 80% report listening to nearly the whole episode. That is an incredibly high engagement rate! How to create compelling content using research That’s why we’re writing about how to use your research as the foundation of a … Read More

Email is your secret weapon for activation

This article focuses on the activation aspect of the AARRR framework. 4 strategies are discussed with particular emphasis on email as a crucial component of activating more customers and optimizing activation.

What is the Most Trusted Content? [Research]

research is the most trusted type of content

Do I trust you? How do I build trust? What types of content do people trust? Building trust is a critical part of any marketing strategy and is especially important when creating a content marketing strategy.  The Ascend2 Content Marketing Engagement Survey asked marketing professionals what types of content are most trusted by target audiences? At the top of the list, … Read More

7 Rookie Mistakes In Content Marketing And How To Avoid Them

Guest Blog Post provided by: Tea Liarokapi So, you’ve decided to start investing in content marketing. Good for you, as content marketing is the marketing tactic that does the work for you and generates leads while you’re taking a much-needed power nap. If you don’t believe me, check the numbers: Content marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on creating … Read More

4 Tips for Better Collaboration with B2B Content Marketing Vendors

Blog post contributed by: Kathryn Hawkins, Principal, Eucalypt As most B2B marketers know, landing a new customer is rarely a quick win. Three-quarters of B2B sales to new customers take a minimum of four months—with half taking seven months or longer, according to CSO Insights data. Beyond that, there’s often more than one influencer in the decision-making process: Ascend2 has found … Read More

Marketing Technology Utilization: Is Technology Helping to Meet Goals?

Marketing technology (martech) is growing at a rapid pace, just look at the 2019 Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic. The Supergraphic includes 7,040 marketing solution provides. To put the growth in perspective, the Supergraphic first published in 2011 with a total of 150 marketing solution providers. As of 2020… ChiefMarTec’s Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic includes 8,000 solutions. Up over 13% from 2019. … Read More

18 Ways You Can Use Original Research to Grow Your Audience

Original Research can help you grow your audience, engage prospects and build momentum for your brand. Here are 18 strategies and tips to maximize the value of your original reseach. 1. Use Research Data to Create Blog Posts Research will keep your blog happy! One research report will generate ideas for 5, 10+ blog posts. Start with a research chart … Read More

Email Marketing Strategies: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

The saying is ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,’ but that is not the case for an old but important marketing tactic of email.   In fact, Ascend2’s research study, Email Marketing Survey Summary Report, finds that email marketing professionals are learning new tricks. The real trick a having the latest research on how to use email to generate new leads, acquire new subscribers, and generate sales.   The Email … Read More

Why original research? Start with SEO.

efficient link building content chart

Why original research? One reason is the value it brings to your SEO program.   The following is a quote from a Search Engine Journal article, 7 Content Types That Gain the Most Engagement & Links.  “Few things are as valuable to a brand as original research. Much of today’s online content is modeled after other content, which is modeled on something … Read More

3 Tips for Selecting a Research Topic

According to a CMO Council study, eMarketer, Ascend2’s Content Marketing Survey and other reliable sources, research is considered the most effective type of content marketers use to generate demand. But not all research is created equal. When deciding on a research topic, provide an honest assessment of whether the topic is of interest to your audience or your company. The … Read More

5 Ways to Maximize the Value of Your Research Content

At Ascend2, we encourage partners to use their research content in various formats to increase the overall value they receive in SEO, demand generation, and sales. Partners can customize the research as they desire and the best part is that they are positioned as the thought leader.  Here is a research report that Ascend2 published with our partner, Vidyard. Vidyard … Read More

Strategies, Tactics and Trends for Marketing Resource Effectiveness [Research]

Increasing the number of leads, sales prospects and customers acquired, and improving brand awareness, are all primary objectives for a marketing strategy according to a majority of marketing influencers. Planning and deploying a marketing strategy will benefit from an objective point of view and skills that may not be available in-house. But how will you choose the right resources to … Read More