get media coverage using original research

How To Get Press Coverage Using Original Research [Video]

Media engagement can be tough if you don’t have something of interest to report on. Original research stands out to many audiences of people consuming content online… and media outlets tend to recognize that. 

That’s why you can usually count on some coverage of original research from the press

PR Works

There is a reason why public relations companies exist. Having your brand appear in the news can provide a HUGE boost in many ways:

  • Establishing your authority on the subject matter
  • Creating backlinks and other SEO wins
  • Exposing your company to new and relevant audiences

A few tips

If you’re doing your own media outreach, here are a few tips for pitching your original research:

  1. Summarize a few data points in your media pitch to catch the attention of the reporter or influencer, rather than referencing an attachment that they have to open.
  2. Don’t discount the seemingly “smaller” media outlets. If they are specific to your industry, their followers might be relevant to your business.
  3. Make sure to reference the methodology behind the research. Having a credible name (like Ascend2) and source is key!
  4. Think about including a couple of visuals if they are truly compelling. Research charts are a perfect way to convey a point efficiently.

The Snowball Effect

Once your research is mentioned or featured by one media outlet, you’ll likely experience a bit of a snowball effect with coverage with many more mentions to follow!