How to Use Research to Write a Guest Blog Post [Video]

We all know that keeping a regular cadence of content up on your blog can lead to big wins. But have you tried guest blogging?

Why guest blog?

Guest blogging is an extremely effective way to expose your content to a new and relevant audience. Not to mention the boost it gives to your SEO through backlinks, all while establishing you as a thought leader in your field.

But how do we keep coming up with things to write about that people will actually want to read? Coming up with content to write about in your own blog is hard enough, so how do we keep the creativity flowing?

Start with research!

How about you use some research to fuel that content machine! Any one of our research reports usually includes around 10 different charts of data. That is a lot of opportunity to find something to write about. 

Here’s how:

Here’s how to use our free research to your advantage when seeking out guest blogging opportunities:

  • Seek out blogs that your audience is already interested in and that might be good opportunities for guest posting. Look specifically for blogs that already have an engaged readership. If you haven’t already engaged with these blogs yourself, start that conversation!
  • Next, find inspiration from a research report that is relevant to your business. Put your own perspective on some of the insights that stood out to you. I bet you’ll get ideas for multiple blog posts just from looking through one report.
  • When you feel ready to submit a pitch, be sure to cite your research and even include relevant charts from the reports you are referencing. Images always help!
  • Think of pitching a guest blog post like applying for a job. Don’t just blindly send generic emails hoping for a positive response. A little effort goes a long way here!
  • Remember to follow up and keep engaging!

Head over to to check out our library of reports. They are all free for you to use so repurpose them for your own compelling content!

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