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Using Research Content for Your Webinar [Video]

Webinars are an amazing (and relatively inexpensive) way to connect with a super targeted audience who are generally ready to engage with your brand. 

Webinars, like all things, take time to master. But practice makes perfect right? That means, you need ideas for content!

You want your webinar topic to:

  • Entice your target audience to attend
  • Provide a good foundation for your discussion 
  • And you want to make it easy for your attendees to share what they learned, after they leave the webinar

A research report is really a perfect content source that provides talking points, visuals and trustworthy information all in one place. Use the research to identify a problem or opportunity and your speakers can provide expert advice on that topic. 

As a follow up, send your attendees the charts and data you referenced to make it super easy for them to share it with their followers!

Head over to ascend2.com/research to check out our library of reports. They are all free for you to use so repurpose them for your own compelling content!

Watch the video: