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Why original research? Start with SEO.

Why original research? One reason is the value it brings to your SEO program.  

The following is a quote from a Search Engine Journal article, 7 Content Types That Gain the Most Engagement & Links

“Few things are as valuable to a brand as original research. Much of today’s online content is modeled after other content, which is modeled on something else. Original research stands out as a unique source of information. What’s more, it also positions you solidly as an authority figure that knows a thing or two about your industry.  

In fact, BuzzSumo reports that original research and reports actually gain links and shares much more rapidly than lists or viral content. The reason is simple. In addition to tapping into industry trends, original research also provides in-depth insight and offers a data-driven foundation for other people to develop their own content and then link back to yours.” 

In the article, 5 Examples of Original Research in Content Marketing, Andy Crestodina, CMO of Orbit Media Studios, says “Content comes in all shapes and sizes. Helpful how-tos, webinars, whitepapers, roundups, and rants. But there is one type of content that crushes almost anything else you can publish. Original research.” 

Link Building – It Matters! 

Because research is a primary source, it will get more links and shares than other content types.  

Original research makes you the authority, and as a result, people will link to you. Since link building is extremely important to your SEO success, having the right content to get links is something that you need to consider when creating your SEO strategy.  

The SEO PowerSuite research study, Link Building Report 2017, revealed that research is the most effective type of content at getting links. Plus, research can be used to generate other content types that are efficient for link building: infographics, webinars, and videos.  

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SEMrush lists research as a cornerstone asset for link building. In the article, Top 5 Link Building Strategies, advanced SEO professionals identified research as the #1 most efficient link building technique.  

SEMrush list five strategies on how to use research for link building: 

  • Select a topic your audience will find valuable. 
  • Conduct independent research and compile your findings. 
  • Publish your research 
  • Create complementary content based on your research (blog posts, videos, webinars, infographics, tweetable stats, etc.). 
  • Promote and share your findings. 

In Conclusion 

Original research should be a critical part of your SEO strategy. The Ascend2 Research-Based Marketing Program is built to allow you to add original research to your marketing mix at an affordable price. An Ascend2 program is two-to-three times less expensive than traditional research firms and still provides high-quality research that you need to power your SEO program.  Interested in an Ascend2 Briefing to determine if research is a strategic fit for you? Schedule your 30-minute Briefing today.