The Difference Between Marketing Research and Research-Based Marketing

The Difference Between Market Research and Research-Based Marketing

The Difference Between Marketing Research and Research-Based Marketing

Actually, market research and research-based marketing, are two completely different concepts that come into play at varying times within an overall marketing strategy. What follows is a straight-forward breakdown of each and where they might land in your marketing efforts.

What is market research?

To put it simply… 

Using “market research” means using research and data to fuel your marketing practices and decisions.

This might involve collecting data that identifies specific qualities or actions of a target audience and then strategizing an approach to marketing to them based on that information. Market research is conducted prior to making decisions and forming a strategy.

What is research-based marketing?

Using “Research-Based Marketing” means using research to fuel your content marketing, as a piece of your overall digital marketing strategy.

With so much content out there based on subjective views and opinions, research is objective. It is based on evidence and data which gives it plenty of street cred with an audience… (in fact, it was named the MOST trusted form of content in our study – and many others). 

Presenting research data that resonates with target audience (whether it be in the form of an extensive report or in something as simple as a social media graphic) can compel prospects to engage with your brand and even convert into customers. 

So there you have it! Use market research to make strategic decisions, and use research-based marketing content to engage your audience.