2020 digital marketing plans report

New Research: Digital Marketing Plans for 2020

Marketing dollars have shifted from traditional media to digital channels, like email and social media, because of the economies of digital marketing level the playing field for companies of all sizes.

But what will an effective digital marketing plan look like in 2020? 

To answer this question, we here at Ascend2 surveyed 278 marketers about what they are doing to optimize their digital strategy this year. The results are published in the 2020 Digital Marketing Plans Report.

Here are a few noteworthy findings for the Asend2 research study:

Finding #1: Primary Objectives

As marketers develop digital marketing strategies for the year ahead, their ultimate goals revolve around the sale. Marketers responding to the survey report that increasing sales leads generated (54%) and increasing customer acquisition (49%) are the top primary objectives for a digital marketing plan to achieve in 2020. 

objectives for digital marketing chart ascend2

Finding #2: Effective Tactics

Although tactics such as AI and chatbots are growing in popularity, marketers sill consider the more tried and true digital approaches as the most effective. SEO, social media and blog posting are considered the most effective digital marketing tactics used according to 49% and 47% of marketers, respectively. 

effective digital marketing tactics chart ascend2

Finding #3Investment in Technology

Increasing your MarTech budget is fast becoming a necessity for an effective marketing strategy. Only 4% of marketers report that they are not planning to invest in MarTech in 2020. Over a quarter (27%) of marketers say they are and will continue to, invest significantly in marketing technology in the year ahead. 

investment in martech chart ascend2

Final Thoughts

Additional findings from the Summary Report include success achieved, critical challenges, digital versus traditional media, metrics used to measure success, resource allocation, and more.

Ascend2 has additional marketing research topics available that may be of interest to you and/or your target audience. Topics include account-based marketing, email marketing effectiveness, martech stack optimization, lead generation quality, customer experience, data-driven personalization, content marketing engagement, and more. Go to the Ascend2 research library to find the topics of interest to you. 

If you’re interested in amplifying your digital marketing plans in the new year, send us a message here. We’ll be happy to show you how research can take your strategy to the next level.