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Ascend2 is a B2B research agency focused on providing marketers with data that will engage and compel their audience to ultimately drive revenue for their company.
of marketers say research is the most trusted content type by their audiences.
June 2019 Ascend2 research study: Content Marketing Engagement
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What can research do for your marketing?

Enhance Your Content

Engage your audience by crafting even more compelling content campaigns using data-backed insights catered to them.

Engage the Media

Get coverage from media outlets that matter to them and build thought leadership.

Generate More Leads

Throughout your marketing and sales funnels, use research as a lead magnet or as a foundation for other lead generating content.

Improve Your SEO

Original research stands out as a trustworthy and unique content format that generates backlinks from reputable sites.
Marketing companies with experience use the power of Ascend2 research
Nick Olsson

Nick Olsson
Olsson Communications

"Todd and Jenna of Ascend2 were a pleasure to work with, and helped us to design a thoughtful survey that uncovered truly actionable and noteworthy findings. They work smart and fast and even helped to promote and place the research results at launch. Ascend2 is at the top of our list for future projects."

Our Services

B2B Research, Content & Strategy
what we provide:

Branded Research Content

Our Research Pricing starts at only $5,500 and includes a customizable research report on a topic and exclusive segment of your choosing,  delivered in just 2 weeks.
what we provide:

Content + Leads

Our Content + Leads Pricing starts at only $9,500 and, in addition to everything included in Branded Research Content program, includes 200-400 prospect leads generated during the research and campaign phases of the program.
what we provide:

Media Engagement

From MarketingProfs to Forbes, the research we produce with our partners receives impactful attention from the press which establishes our partners as industry thought leaders. 
what we provide:

Custom Content

We know how resources can be limited and we want you to make the most of your research. That is why we offer a wide variety of supplemental content options to add on to your research report, making your program truly turn-key.
what we provide:

Custom Research Programs

If you have a custom project in mind, let us know! We'd love to make your research dreams a reality.

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Use research and data to amplify your content

Build thought leadership and engage the media

Generate backlinks and improve SEO

Generate more leads throughout your funnel

research at it's full potential

see what you can do with original research

Put your research to good use... however you wish, for as long as you wish.

use your research to


Fuel your content machine. Engage and compel your audience. All with research... The possibilities are endless.



Blog posts



use your research to


Research helps to establish an authority for your voice and brand. Use data to turn prospects into customers.

Sales engagement

Media outreach

Press releases 

Lead nurturing

SEO & Backlinks

use your research to


Whether you are breaking into a new target market or build awareness in an established one. Use research to get the word out.

Social posts

Digital ads

Product launches

Brand awareness

Market introduction

Research Reports

attract prospects, establish thought leadership and fill your funnel


engage targeted audiences


promote across multiple channels

Webinars, Blog Posts, Media & more!

The repurposing possibilities are endless

Media Coverage

Receive impactful attention from the press