Lead Generation: How Marketers are Adapting to Change [Research]

Opportunities to build meaningful connections with your audience look drastically different now than they did last year, or even just a few short months ago. In-person events are no longer available for prospecting, more time spent at home has changed content consumption habits, and economic uncertainty has put pressure on businesses of all shapes and sizes.  With all of these … Read More

4 Signs You Could Be Getting More From Your MarTech [Research]

4 signs you could be getting more from your martech research ascend2

All too often we see marketing technologies become a junkyard of underutilized and disparate tools. So how do you know when it is time to check in and make sure each technology is enhancing your overall process?  Here are four research-backed signs that it is time to re-examine your MarTech stack to maximize efficiency, with insights from experts. Sign #1: … Read More

3 Ways to Improve Email Marketing Effectiveness [Research]

3 Ways to Improve Email Marketing effectiveness research

Email marketing effectiveness is eroding. Gone are the days when marketers could blanket-deliver mass emails to their list and expect a captive audience. However, open rates and other measures of effective engagement can still be optimized for this established marketing tactic and according to our research, marketers still believe email can pay off. In the year ahead, 73% of marketing … Read More

New Research: Digital Marketing Plans for 2020

2020 digital marketing plans report

Marketing dollars have shifted from traditional media to digital channels, like email and social media, because of the economies of digital marketing level the playing field for companies of all sizes. But what will an effective digital marketing plan look like in 2020?  Ascend2, a research-based demand generation firm, recently published the 2020 Digital Marketing Plans Report. The Summary Report is available … Read More

Using Data-Driven Personalization to Get Results [Research]

total budget for data-driven personalization chart

Data-Driven Personalization is here to stay. Avi Dan, an SEO expert, said “Personalization is not a trend, it’s a marketing tsunami.”  But what is data-driven personalization? At its core, personalization is delivering value to someone at just the right moment. When you know enough about someone to deliver content to them at just the right moment, that is data-driven personalization. Gone are the … Read More

What is the Most Trusted Content? [Research]

research is the most trusted type of content

Do I trust you? How do I build trust? What types of content do people trust? Building trust is a critical part of any marketing strategy and is especially important when creating a content marketing strategy.  The Ascend2 Content Marketing Engagement Survey asked marketing professionals what types of content are most trusted by target audiences? At the top of the list, … Read More

Marketing Technology Utilization: Is Technology Helping to Meet Goals?

Marketing technology (martech) is growing at a rapid pace, just look at the 2019 Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic. The Supergraphic includes 7,040 marketing solution provides. To put the growth in perspective, the Supergraphic first published in 2011 with a total of 150 marketing solution providers. As of 2020… ChiefMarTec’s Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic includes 8,000 solutions. Up over 13% from 2019. … Read More

Strategies, Tactics and Trends for Marketing Resource Effectiveness [Research]

Increasing the number of leads, sales prospects and customers acquired, and improving brand awareness, are all primary objectives for a marketing strategy according to a majority of marketing influencers. Planning and deploying a marketing strategy will benefit from an objective point of view and skills that may not be available in-house. But how will you choose the right resources to … Read More

Developing a Hyper-Personalization Strategy [Research]

Do you take advantage of personalization in your marketing campaigns?   Many companies have only scratched the surface of how they use personalization to target prospects, engage audiences, accelerate the sales process, and increase sales revenue.   Basic personalization, such as including a person’s first name on an email campaign, is just the first step of a new world of personalization: hyper-personalization.  … Read More

Most Effective Marketing Technologies to Implement

Technology implemented for content marketing purposes is considered most effective by about half (51%) of marketing influencers. Marketing analytics and email marketing are also considered most effective martech implementations by 47% and 45% respectively. The technology available to marketers is changing rapidly. The technological needs of marketers is also changing, becoming critically important to business success. But what trends will … Read More

Top Challenges of a 2019 Digital Marketing Strategy [Research]

Engaging customers online and measuring digital marketing results are challenging barriers to success for 49% and 47% of marketing influencers respectively. The sales-related goal of increasing customer acquisition is also a barrier to success for marketers. Prospects and customers are almost always online. And an effective digital marketing strategy provides the plan of action required to engage them. Sounds simple, … Read More

Developing an Email-Driven Content Marketing Strategy

About one-third (34%) of marketing influencers say their organization has already developed an email-driven content marketing strategy, while another 35% are acting on it now. One-quarter (25%) are still talking about it, and the remaining 6% have done nothing yet to develop a plan. Digital marketers are combining email and content marketing strategies to optimize results. But what does a … Read More

Effective Tactics for Generating and Nurturing Leads to Create Demand [Research]

According to 47% and 46% of marketing influencers respectively, social media marketing and email marketing are effective tactics for achieving the top lead generation priorities. Content or video marketing (39%) and SEO (38%) are the also effective tactics. Creating demand in a digital world requires a combination of effective strategies to both generate and nurture leads, with the goal of … Read More

The Importance of Measuring Marketing Attribution [Research]

Management and marketers want to know what impact marketing has on sales revenue. That’s why 81% of marketing influencers describe measuring marketing attribution as very important. Measuring and attributing the results of marketing efforts to revenue has become a primary goal for many companies. But what strategies and tactics are savvy companies using to measure marketing attribution? Click here to … Read More

Effective Tactics Used for Optimizing Marketing Automation

Mapping the customer experience and utilizing personalized/dynamic content are considered effective tactics for optimizing marketing automation by 53% and 51% of marketing influencers respectively. Marketing automation is “very important” to the overall performance of marketing, according to 94% of the best-in- class marketers participating in a recent Ascend2 survey. But how do you optimize marketing automation to continually increase performance? … Read More

Top Priorities of a Search and Social Advertising Strategy [Research]

Search and Social Advertising Strategy priorities

Failing to plan is planning to fail. That’s why “developing a more effective strategy” to integrate search and social advertising practices is a top priority for 59% of marketing influencers. “Increasing search and social ad conversions” is also a top priority for half (50%) of respondents. Integrating the “pull” of paid search with the “push” of social media ads is … Read More

Tactical Effectiveness of Email Marketing Engagement

email marketing tactical effectiveness chart

Single-topic email campaigns are a most effective tactic for improving email engagement for 46% of marketing influencers. By focusing the subject line, content, etc. on a single-topic, marketers are able to capture and keep the attention of those subscribers interested in that topic. Email marketing performance is driven by subscriber engagement. The more engaged a prospect or customer is, the … Read More

Challenges for a Marketing Data & Technology Strategy

Marketing data technology strategy challenges

Integrating data across more technologies is a most challenging barrier to success for 44% of marketing influencers. If an organization is unable to generate reliable and relevant data (a challenging barrier for 41%), integrating the unreliable data is not desirable. One of the factors most critical to marketing success is the data used to fuel your systems. The impact of … Read More

Top Priorities for an Account-Based Marketing Strategy [Research]

account based marketing top priorities

While aligning sales and marketing initiatives is a top priority for half (50%) of marketing influencers, they also want credit where credit is due. For this reason, 41% consider attributing marketing efforts to revenue another top priority for ABM. Half of marketing influencers consider aligning their initiatives with sales teams a top priority for an ABM strategy in 2018. But … Read More

Email List Growth Trends Trends [Research]

Email List Growth Trends Email is consistently one of the highest converting marketing channels available. But what strategies and tactics are marketers using to increase the number of those receiving their email? To find out, Ascend2 and our Research Partners fielded the Email List Growth Trends Survey. We thank the marketing influencers responding to this survey for sharing their valuable … Read More

Marketing Data Quality Trends [Research]

MARKETING DATA QUALITY TRENDS Quality marketing data enables the targeting of customers you want with the information they want. But how do marketers plan to improve their data quality in the year ahead? To find out, Ascend2 and our Research Partners fielded the Marketing Data Quality Trends Survey. We thank the marketing professionals responding to this survey for sharing their … Read More

Social Media Marketing Trends [Research]

HOW CONTENT DRIVES SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Creating compelling content for social media marketing purposes is not only the most effective tactic used, it is also the most difficult tactic to execute. What types of content are marketers using and how are they using them to achieve objectives? To find out, Ascend2 and our Research Partners fielded the Social Media Marketing … Read More

Marketing Data Management [Research]

MARKETING DATA MANAGEMENT Prospect and customer data drives just about everything in marketing today, including ROI. But how are organizations managing marketing data to achieve success? To find out, Ascend2 and our Research Partners fielded the Marketing Data Management Survey and completed interviews with 183 marketing influencers from April 1 to April 7, 2016. We thank them for sharing their … Read More

Conversion Rate Optimization [Research]

CONVERSION RATE OPTIMIZATION Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a systematic approach to maximizing the completed calls-to-action on a website. But how are companies converting more website visitors to leads and revenue? To find out, Ascend2 and our Research Partners fielded the Conversion Rate Optimization Survey. We thank the participants of this survey for sharing their valuable insights about the art … Read More

Email Marketing Strategy [Research]

EMAIL MARKETING STRATEGY Strategically, increasing engagement with prospects and customers is a critical email marketing priority. But what tactics are marketers using to achieve this goal? To find out, Ascend2 and our Research Partners fielded the Email Marketing Strategy Survey. We thank the participants of this survey for sharing their valuable insights on this important marketing topic with us, and … Read More

Data-Driven Marketing for Personalization [Research]

DATA-DRIVEN PERSONALIZATION Experiencing a personalized online interaction is a major expectation of prospects and customers today. But what are savvy companies doing to address this important data-driven marketing goal? To find out, Ascend2 and our Research Partners fielded the Data-Driven Marketing Survey. We thank the participants of this survey for sharing their valuable insights about this important marketing topic with … Read More

Video Marketing Strategy [Research]

OPTIMIZING VIDEO MARKETING PERFORMANCE Video is proving to be one of the most effective types of content marketers are using to achieve their objectives. However, challenging obstacles continue to hinder video marketing performance. What strategies are overcoming these obstacles and optimizing video marketing performance? To find out, Ascend2 and our Research Partners fielded the Video Marketing Strategy Survey and completed … Read More