Research-Based Marketing for MarTech Companies

Build a brand, engage prospects, and acquire new customers with high-quality content

Marketing technology companies constantly need high-quality content to build a brand, engage prospects, and acquire new customers; and research studies by BuzzSumo, MarketingProfs, and eMarketer finds that original research is the #1 type of content to meet those needs. 

Research Content that Generates Demand

The Ascend2 research-based content program is a turnkey solution that provides high-quality original research and generates quality leads, rapidly and inexpensively. You may use your original research however you wish for as long as you wish. Plus, original research has the propensity to get picked up by the media, making you the thought leader, and also improving your SEO ranking. 

Get Media Engagementfrom original research

Content + Campaigns

Our Content + Campaigns Pricing starts at only $8,500 and, in addition to everything included in a Tier 1 program, includes 200-400 prospect leads generated during the research and campaign phases of the program.


Research Content

Our Content-Only Pricing starts at only $4,500 and includes your choice of research topic and exclusive segment delivered in a customizable standard report in just 2 weeks.

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on Research-Based B2B Content Marketing

Let's discuss how to better your business using our research! There are many options for repurposing research data into custom content and campaigns, creating a custom study, or you can ask us to develop an unplanned marketing topic in our standard format and select an exclusive research segment. The choices are many for our research partners. Contact us to learn more.