It Works: Why Original Research Should be Part of Your Marketing Plan

There are many reasons why marketers rely on research to engage audiences and drive sales. A research study by BuzzSumo shows the benefits of original research.   

If you have a blog, you will find that a blog post based on research is extremely effective. BuzzSumo’s research study concluded that “original research blog posts work” and added some additional evidence from their experience: “At BuzzSumo, the most engaging blog posts we’ve ever written are based on original research.”  

Why is research so effective?  A Demand Gen Report shows that research is what prospects consider the most valuable content you can provide them. Research provides an agnostic perspective to topics that are most important to your prospect. You can use research to generate ideas, determine your strategy, in a presentation to your boss, and much more. 

And what is the ultimate goal of your content? It is to generate a conversion. And what type of content generates the highest customer conversion rate? You guessed it – research!        


Final Thoughts 

The value of original research to drive engagement, generate leads, and accelerate sales is why Ascend2 developed Research-Based Marketing. Research-Based Marketing is a turnkey solution that provides high-quality original research and generates targeted leads, rapidly and inexpensively. Here are some research reports from Ascend2 partners.  

Would you like to make original research part of your marketing plan this year? Contact me for a 30-minute consultation to determine a strategic plan to determine the best fit for you and how you can maximize the value of research to engage prospects and drive sales.