Developing a Hyper-Personalization Strategy [Research]

Do you take advantage of personalization in your marketing campaigns?  

Many companies have only scratched the surface of how they use personalization to target prospects, engage audiences, accelerate the sales process, and increase sales revenue.  

Basic personalization, such as including a person’s first name on an email campaign, is just the first step of a new world of personalization: hyper-personalization. 

Hyper-personalization takes personalized marketing a step further by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and real-time data to deliver more relevant content, product, and service information to each user.  

But what will hyper-personalization strategies look like in the year ahead?   

The Hyper-Personalization Strategies Survey Summary Report is available free of charge in the Ascend2 Research Library 

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Here are a few noteworthy findings for the Asend2 research study: 

Finding #1: Early Stages of Developing a Strategy 

Only 9% of marketing professionals surveyed say they have completed the development of a hyper-personalization strategy. These are the early adopters. The majority, 62%, are either just talking about it or haven’t done anything about hyper-personalization yet. 

Finding #2: Top Priorities 

Improving the customer experience and applying data insights to decision-making are top priorities for 60% and 51% of marketing professionals, respectively.  

Finding #3: Most Effective Applications

Tactically, the AI-powered applications used most effectively in a hyper-personalization strategy are predictive analytics, user experience (UX) and content creation/curation applications.

To review all of the findings from the Hyper-Personalization Strategies Survey Summary Report, download the report for free and use it to prepare your personalization strategy.