The use of martech stack chart

The Most Important Leadership Insights from 2023 (so far)

Finding #1

Four in five executives say that they are using less than HALF of their existing martech stack capabilities right now. Your read that right. 79% of executives surveyed in our Future of MarTech Stack research said that less than 50% of their existing marketing technology is actually being utilized. This number is mind-blowing and to us, signals that maybe some technology consolidation is in order? [January, 2023]

Finding #2

Budgets and resources are becoming more of an issue when it comes to improving marketing personalization, according to leadership. 43% of executives report that budget and resources is one of the most significant challenges they face as they try to improve personalization. This is up from 37% of executives who reported budget as a top challenge last year. [January, 2022/2023]

Finding #3

Marketing leaders seem to generally lack confidence in the marketing data being collected at their organizations. According to our research on marketing data quality, less than one-quarter of executives say they are extremely confident in their organization’s ability to improve business outcomes using the marketing data that they currently collect. [February, 2023]

Finding #4

28% of marketing leaders say that they will use or test ChatGPT in the coming year. ChatGPT has exploded onto the scene and more and more marketers are getting curious about its potential uses. In a recent episode of the Marketing Mode show, we discuss ChatGPT and its possible impact on content creation, marketers’ jobs, and more. [April, 2023]

Finding #5

About half of marketing leaders report an increase in budget dedicated to marketing automation in the coming year. 41% of executives say their budget for marketing automation will increase moderately while another 8% report expecting a significant increase in the year ahead. [March, 2023)