Program Topics

and exclusive benchmark segments

Original research reports spotlight your brand and the interests of your target market. Each report is unique containing 12 to 15 pages of charts and analytical commentary on a popular marketing topic and an exclusive benchmark segment. Specifying your Research-Based Marketing program is a simple two-step process.


Account-Based Marketing Strategy

Marketing and Data Technology

Email Marketing Engagement

Search and Social Advertising

Marketing and Sales Alignment

Optimizing Marketing Automation

Measuring Marketing Attribution

Generating and Nurturing Leads

Email and Content Marketing

Hyper-Personalization Strategy

Marketing Technology Trends

Marketing Planning

Marketing Resource Effectiveness

Email Marketing

Marketing Technology

Content Marketing

Marketing Automation

Data-Driven Personalization

Customer Experience

Marketing Data and Dashboards

...customized with a research segment geared toward your audience

Choose an exclusive benchmark segment that spotlights your brand and the interests of your target market. We survey a wide variety of marketing influencers on each of our topics, which means we can provide reports featuring results from specific benchmarks. These include:

Success Benchmarks

Leadership Benchmarks

B2B Benchmarks

B2C Benchmarks

Enterprise Benchmarks

SMB Benchmarks

Agency Benchmarks

...and more!

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There are many other options for repurposing the research data into custom content and campaigns, creating a custom study, or you can ask us to develop an unplanned marketing topic in our standard format and select an exclusive research segment. The choices are many for our research partners. Contact us to learn more.