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Your prospects and clients want real data. The research in our standard reports can be customized and repurposed by you or by us, and can be obtained with or without prospect leads.
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What types of content are MOST TRUSTED by target audiences?

Research Reports - 60%
Photos/Infographics - 34%
Blog Posts/Articles - 31%

When it comes to content, having solid evidence to support a claim is extremely important. That is why a 60% majority of marketing professionals report that research and case studies are the most trusted content type by target audiences.

June 2019 Ascend2 research study: Content Marketing Engagement
what we provide:

Branded Research Content

Our Research Pricing starts at only $5,500 and includes a customizable research report on a topic and exclusive segment of your choosing,  delivered in just 2 weeks.
what we provide:

Content + Leads

Our Content + Leads Pricing starts at only $9,500 and, in addition to everything included in Branded Research Content program, includes 200-400 prospect leads generated during the research and campaign phases of the program.
what we provide:

Media Engagement

From MarketingProfs to Forbes, the research we produce with our partners receives impactful attention from the press which establishes our partners as industry thought leaders. 
what we provide:

Custom Content

We know how resources can be limited and we want you to make the most of your research. That is why we offer a wide variety of supplemental content options to add on to your research report, making your program truly turn-key.
what we provide:

Custom Research Programs

If you have a custom project in mind, let us know! We'd love to make your research dreams a reality.

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