5 Ways to Maximize the Value of Your Research Content

At Ascend2, we encourage partners to use their research content in various formats to increase the overall value they receive in SEO, demand generation, and sales. Partners can customize the research as they desire and the best part is that they are positioned as the thought leader. 

Here is a research report that Ascend2 published with our partner, Vidyard. Vidyard did not stop with their research report; they also created videos, blog posts, a webinar, guest blog posts, and more. Plus, Vidyard received media covered the research, positioning them as a thought leader, as well as generating backlinks that provide excellent SEO juice. Yes, research content is the gift that keeps on giving!

Why do we encourage partners to use the research in a variety of formats? According to a CMO Council study, the Ascend2 State of Content Marketing Survey and other reliable fact-based sources, research reports are the most effective type of content used. And research content can be repurposed in a variety of formats to engage customers and drive leads.

Here are five strategies to get the most of your research, as well as an infographic that provides even more ideas.

Press and Blogger Coverage: Independent research on topics of importance to marketers has a propensity to be featured by marketing and business media. 

Webinars: Research is an ideal tool to set the stage for the topic of your next webinar. Use the research to identify a problem or opportunity and your speakers can provide expert advice on that topic. This strategy assures the attendees that the webinar will be focused on them and is a wise investment of their time.

Whitepapers: Use a few of your research charts to anchor a whitepaper that provides tips and strategies on a topic that aligns with your area of expertise.

Blog and Social Media Posts: Is it a challenge to find new ideas for blog posts? A quick review of a research chart will inspire a blog post. From “Top Tactics” to “Barriers to Success,” each chart will provide the foundation of a blog post. And with 8-10 charts from your research study, you’ll have plenty of ideas for your content team. For social media posts, a question such as “What is the most effective digital marketing tactic?” with a picture of a research chart and a link back to a landing page is an excellent strategy to engage your community.

Videos and Vlogs: Many people would rather watch a video than read a report. So give them what they want with a video format of your research. A brief video can provide highlights from your research with a CTA to download the report, or a longer version can tell the entire story of your research. 

What has worked for you to maximize the value of your research? Please share your ideas on how to make the most of your research content.