and exclusive benchmark segments

Original research reports spotlight your brand and the interests of your target market. Each report is unique containing 12 to 15 pages of charts and analytical commentary on a popular marketing topic and an exclusive benchmark segment. Specifying your Research-Based Marketing program is a simple two-step process:

1. Select research topics of interest to the marketers you want to attract:

  • Marketing Data Quality Trends
  • Account-Based Marketing Strategy
  • Email List Growth Trends
  • State of Marketing Automation
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Content Marketing & Distribution
  • Data-Driven Marketing Strategy
  • Lead Generation Trends
  • State of Email Marketing
  • Marketing Technology¬†Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Digital Marketing Plans
  • And More!

2. Select an exclusive benchmark segment for each research topic:

  • Benchmarks for Success [Research data from the successful marketing program segment]
  • B2B Benchmarks [Research data from the business-to-business segment]
  • B2C Benchmarks [Research data from the business-to-consumer segment]
  • Enterprise Benchmarks [Research data from the large company segment]
  • SMB Benchmarks [Research data from the small and medium-size business segment]
  • Agency Benchmarks [Research data from the marketing solution provider segment]
  • Marketing Leadership Benchmarks [Research data from the marketing decision-maker segment]
  • Complex Sale Benchmarks [Research data from the long cycle, multiple influencer segment]
  • Other Benchmarks [Research data unique to a specific topic when available]

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