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 Original Research Moves the Needle 

According to a CMO Council study, eMarketer, our own Content Marketing Survey and other reliable sources, research reports are considered the most effective type of content marketers use to generate demand. But how do you minimize the time, difficulty and expense required to produce high-quality research, and generate quality leads? Ascend2’s Research-Based Marketing provides a turnkey solution that moves the needle on content marketing results rapidly and inexpensively.

Here’s what you can get with a
Research-Based Marketing Program

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  • Original Research Report

    An original research report is 12-15 pages, branded for your company, with charts and analytical commentary on a marketing topic and exclusive benchmark segment selected by you.

  • Dedicated Email Campaign

    Our targeted and highly relevant list of marketing influencers and research subscribers will receive a dedicated email with landing page to your research report.

  • Leads... Guaranteed!

    We commit to providing our partners a guaranteed number of qualified research and campaign leads with every program.

  • Supplemental Content

    Choose from multiple types of content we produce from the data in your original research report or make the most of your research content by repurposing it yourself.

  • Media Coverage

    Email campaigns also distribute your research to business and marketing media and bloggers who reference it in their own content with links back to you, generating additional traffic and leads.

  • Rapid Turn-Around

    Our streamlined process allows Ascend2 to deliver each phase of your Research-Based Marketing program in two weeks or less, while other research firms require months.

  • Extremely Competitive Pricing

    Check out our pricing table to see exactly how competitive we are in the industry. View Our Pricing

This brief video explains how the Ascend2 research, content creation and demand generation program works

“Good news to report back to you – we are seeing a lot of success with the leads we have gotten, not only from you but from the report in general (website, our emails, ads, etc.). My CEO is super pleased.”Ascend2 Research Partner