How to write unique content for your brand

Guest post written by: Eric Williams

When writing content for your brand, you need to acknowledge for writing the original content, know your audience, write engaging, and researched content. However, we will be discussing some of the more tips about writing unique content for your brand.

Writing content is a thing that can help you in increasing your brand. Content writing is considered to be the best option for engaging your company with your brand. For example, people will always go for your brand if your content is what they want.

Before proceeding for content writing, you need to know to develop your content writing strategies. Working without plans is just like playing sports without rules.

Are our content writing strategies important?

Today’s time, giving exact content to the right person in the right way is the task. You should know about your niche and what your audience is all about. This is only possible through content writing.

Before starting to write the content you should consider the following important strategies:

  • Consistent writing
  • Engaging Content
  • High-quality content
  • Follow trend
  • Ask for feedback

Writing unique content is not only the task but writing engaging content according to your audience is the strategy. Having a stronger strategy will make you able to write better and unique content for your brand. 

In this article, we have sorted out some of the tips for making unique content for your brand.

1.    Write Original Content

The search engine and your audience always want something new from your brand. Whether you are writing it’s your content or your products, originality is very important.

If you steal somebody’s content, then you will highly be affected by the penalty of search engines. However, search engines always want original content to rant your site. Now you should know about what the original content is all about.

If you use a concept of a topic again and again then it might not be considered as original content whether you are changing the words. You should always consider making your ideas with your mind.

Even if you copy a single sentence, Google algorithms are enough intelligent to detect the plagiarized content. However, you should always practice the checking of duplicate content before publishing. The best way to check the plagiarism in an article is to use online plagiarism tools. Below is an example of checking the plagiarism of an article. is one of the best tools to identify plagiarism in an article.  You can use the trial version for free without any registration. The tool is capable of scanning your content deeply throughout the internet to make it plagiarism-free completely. Below is how it tells you the result:

2.    Know your Audience

You should know what your audience about and what they are looking for. You should always make the content according to their niche. Writing about the technology while having the niche of health will ruin your audience because of irrelevant content.

You should have a strong title along with sub-headlines to take the attraction of the reader. If your heading is weak then the audience may get bored. Don’t even try to make a clickbait title because it will ruin your permanent audience. Remember, most of the audience comes to your website or article through reading your headline.

If you failed to provide the headline according to your article, then you are making your audience fool.

Above statistic of a site shows the country of their audience. The picture also shows the audience by age and you should publish content according to the age.

3.    Do Research

The stronger research you have, the more audience will respect. Research is very important in content writing as it allows us to explore new and authentic things. Following are the steps you should take for better research:

  • Go through advanced search
  • Use authentic and ranked websites for content
  • Look for something new
  • Explore keywords

Some additional research strategies include seeing the most asked topics about your content, reading the comments, and confirming the source. If you get any researched work, then try to verify it.

4.    Create Engaging Content

When you find a good headline or title for your article then you should write the content through engaging it. You should have different engaging practices including the following:

  • Offer Membership to customers to your brand
  • Exchange your contact details (Phone number, email)
  • Convey your offers/promotion

The above picture is showing the pop-up of a club’s website. It shows that the club is offering the reward points to the new visitor. In this way, they may get the interest and membership of the visiting customer.

Many people judge the content by reading the first few lines. If they find it engaging and interesting then they may read forward else they will skip your article. In the first few lines, you should describe the user about what you are going to explain in your article.

You should add some stories and examples in your content that will bring the interest of the reader towards your content. Not only this, but the stories and examples also help the user to make their understanding clear.

5.    Use Rewriter

It happens sometimes that when you write the content after research then plagiarism appears in your article. However, there are solutions to this problem including the article rewriter.

Article rewritertool is used to make your content free from plagiarism. However, this tool replaces the sentences, phrases, and some of the words with its synonyms. In this way, you can easily use this tool by just entering your content. Below we have mentioned a tool for your consideration:

Prepostseo Article Rewriter has one of the best article rewriting tool for the writer. It uses the modern algorithms that scan your thing and make necessary changes. It changes the words without changing the meaning of the sentence. Like if you use article rewriter for:

The above picture shows the rewritten content in which the bold words are changed.

6.    Add Questions / Answers

If you are writing for a brand then the reader might feel difficulty in understanding the content. Many of the readers have a question after reading the article. The best way to deal with this is to provide some basic questions about the article and brand as well as answer them.

Just like the question is given at the end of the chapter in a book to make the concepts of the student clear. Similarly, you should add some relevant questions for better concepts. Most of the eCommerce websites use to show some questions regarding their products just to make their user clarify.

Moreover, they also publish some of the reviews to make their user know about what the buyer thinks about their products. In this way, the new purchaser gets an idea about the product.

The above picture shows the FAQs of, in which they have written details for their company.

7.    Add visual content to your study

Inserting some visual content in your brand’s article is one of the best writing practices. On social media, people love watching videos more than reading long articles.

If you add some pictures, clipart, or videos in your content then it may get the user interest. Remember, video always takes the attraction of the user. Some people add some funny pictures to remove the bores of the user.

8.    Final Touch/Proofreading

Proofreading is the last step in making your content unique. At this point, you have to make your content final to publish. You should check all the mistakes as well as the structure of the article. You should start with the checking of the title and then proceed for the whole article. Read the entire article multiple times to identify any mistake. Moreover, you should make sure that your content is up to the mark.

None of the people in this world is born as a writer. Every content writer has some of the mistakes in his content. It can be a structural mistake or grammatical mistake. All of these tasks should be done in the proofreading step. However, there are multiple tools to check grammar online. We have mentioned one of the tools below for your consideration: is one of the most popular tools that are very efficient in making your grammar clear. This an online tool that also contains a downloaded version for desktop and smartphones.

You need to upload your documents or paste the content on the website to check all the grammatical errors. However, the tool is free for checking grammar though this tool has a premium version.

The above picture shows the way of checking the errors through this tool. The premium version allows you to check more mistakes is writing.


Writing the content for a brand is not a simple task since it looks like. It’s a universal truth that writing more and more makes you an experienced writer. Before writing, you should conduct research and about the title. Write according to the title and guidelines. Try to make your content as efficient as you can. That will not make the reader bored. Use your mind to make your content creative and original.

What is the type of content most trusted by your reader?

The June 2019 Ascend2 research study, Content Marketing Engagement, found that when it comes to content, having solid evidence to support a claim is extremely important. That is why a 60% majority of marketing professionals report that research and case studies are the most trusted content type by target audiences.

research is the most trusted type of content

Guest post written by: Eric Williams