Search and Social Integration the Key to SEO Success.

Search and Social Integration the Key to SEO Success.

When researching and comparing the performance of various marketing practices, the findings are often ambiguous. But in some cases, the differences are not only clear but extraordinary. And the integration of social media with SEO strategies and tactics is an example of this.

One of the best ways to determine which SEO strategies and tactics are worth emulating is to identify the characteristics of the most successful marketing organizations. In our recently publishedSEO Strategy Outlook Report, performance criteria based on the success of a SEO strategy to achieve important objectives was used to differentiate between companies with a Superior Strategy and those with an Inferior Strategy.

SEO Social Integration

This chart shows the clear difference between the search and social integration practices of companies with a successful Superior Strategy and those not achieving SEO success with an Inferior Strategy. 38% of companies with a Superior Strategy extensively integrate social media with SEO while only 2% of those with an Inferior Strategy do so. Fully half (50%) of those companies with an Inferior Strategy do not integrate social media and SEO at all. (Click chart to enlarge.)

The decision to extensively integrate social media with search engine optimization practices is an easy one to make, but there is a right and wrong way to do everything. And integrating these tactics successfully takes experience. Lee Odden shares his valuable experience in a recent blog post titled 7 Ways Small Business Can Integrate SEO, Social Media & Content Marketing that is worth a read.

To learn what search engine optimization success will look like in the year ahead and how marketers plan to achieve it, download our free research titled the SEO Strategy Outlook Report.

    1. I think it’s worth noting that there’s a difference between executing social media and SEO integration efforts to narrowly focus on SEO deliverables/outcomes vs. integration that aligns with how customers discover, consume and act on content.