Research-Based Demand Generation

For Marketing Technology, Data Companies, and Digital Marketing Agencies.

Successful demand generation for marketing solution firms is about generating leads – and much more. Demand generation is also about building thought leadership and trust in your brand by publishing influential content. And it’s about nurturing leads toward making you their preferred solution.

According to a CMO Council study, research reports are the most influential type of content marketers use. Research-Based Demand Generation is a process we developed to create factual research-based content, while generating and nurturing leads in the name of your brand – at an extremely competitive price.

Our programs provide a “Quick Win” by delivering content and a guaranteed number of leads in as little as two weeks, or continuous demand generation on a long term basis. Our turnkey Research Partner Programs are transparent – spotlighting your brand and the interests of your market. Here’s what you get:

  • Exclusive reports that focus attention on your brand and important marketing proficiencies.

White Label Research Reports are produced exclusively for Research Partners providing powerful and persuasive content for engaging your prospects and customers in a credible way. These reports feature your brand, not ours. Simply choose the research topics and an exclusive benchmark segment for each topic that correspond with your important marketing proficiencies. The Standard report format is campaign-ready with 12 to 18 pages of charts and analytical commentary but may also be customized by your firm to better align with its positioning. The Premium report format is fully customized by our designers and copywriters based on your direction. Content in Ascend2 Research Reports may be repurposed and reimagined for use in other marketing channels. (Samples)

  • Research generated leads with an implicit interest in your related marketing solutions.

Each month, we field surveys on a specific marketing topic and share the corresponding results with more than 50,000 marketing and sales professionals who subscribe to our research. This permission-based survey and content marketing process generates a guaranteed number of leads profiled according to their marketing interests.

  • Campaign generated leads with an implicit interest in your brand and solutions.

A white label marketing campaign includes permission-based email sent to our list of more than 50,000 research subscribers. The white label email spotlights your brand and the interests of your target market, and links subscribers to a landing page that converts your research report into campaign generated leads with an implicit interest in the marketing proficiencies your brand offers. The campaign also drives media coverage of your research report by major publishers and bloggers to generate additional demand and awareness for your brand. (Samples)

  • Corresponding infographic or video infographic to generate additional campaign leads.

A white label infographic or video infographic is used to gain additional exposure for your research and generate additional leads. We create an original infographic or video infographic with seven to nine data points from the corresponding research report. A white label email campaign is sent to our list of more than 50,000 research subscribers linked to a landing page for sharing this content and a corresponding research report download form for generating additional leads. (Samples)