Marketing Charts – Lead Generation & Nurturing

Marketing Charts – Lead Generation & Nurturing

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Marketing Automation Trends Most Important Goals

Increasing lead generation and improving lead nurturing are the top priorities for 61% and 57% of marketers respectively. The next most important goal is increasing sales revenue.

Marketing Automation Trends Most Significant Barriers

There are many barriers to marketing automation success but the most significant one is the lack of an effective strategy.

Lead Nurturing Trends Most Important Objectives

The most important objectives of a lead nurturing strategy have one thing in common: moving leads closer to being sales-ready. Increasing conversion rates, sales opportunities and lead qualification are more achievable when marketing and sales processes are aligned.

Lead Nurturing Trends Most Challenging Obstacles

Creating relevant, trustworthy content is critical to engaging and nurturing leads. Creating content is also the most challenging obstacle to lead nurturing success. Targeting campaigns to deliver content at the appropriate stage in the decision-making and buying process is second.

Data Driven Marketing Trends Most Important Objectives

Personalizing online interactions to optimize the customer experience is no longer an option. It is a requirement and the number one objective of an effective data-driven marketing strategy for 60% of companies surveyed.

Data Driven Marketing Trends Most Challenging Obstacles

59% of companies say that improving data quality is the most challenging obstacle to data-driven marketing success. The second most challenging obstacle is integrating the data across disparate platforms, a technical issue faced by slightly more than half (51%) of companies.

Lead Generation Trends - Most Important Objectives

Increasing the number of leads generated is important, but improving the quality of leads and increasing sales revenue are the top objectives. Marketing and sales teams are in agreement that lead quality is directly related to the rate of conversion from lead to sales revenue.

Lead Generation Trends - Most Challenging Obstacles

Lack of an effective strategy is the most challenging obstacle to lead generation success. Inadequate marketing budgets and limited content creation capabilities are also challenges. Prioritizing and overcoming these top obstacles are the first steps to lead generation success.

Landing Page Optimization - Most Important Objectives

Converting landing page visitors to leads and/or customers is the cornerstone of online marketing, and increasing the rate at which those visitors are converted is by far the most important objective of a landing page optimization strategy.

Landing Page Optimization - Most Challenging Obstacles

Landing page optimization is a combination of art and science – creative and methodical. Many company’s are challenged by limited internal resources capable of providing this skill set. They are also challenged by the lack of conversion-worthy content and an effective LPO strategy.

Data Driven Marketing - Most Important Objectives

Marketers want recognition for their data-driven marketing performance. Therefore, increasing revenue that can be attributed to marketing is their top objective for the year ahead.

Data Driven Marketing - Most Challenging Obstacles

Data-driven marketing relies on the quality and completeness of prospect and customer information. Lack of data quality and completeness is by far the most challenging obstacle to success.